Klass Services

Klass has developed in-house expertise to help our portfolio companies expand their businesses at the ground level. Our key focus is on helping build talent and lead generation.


Our Head of Talent will work closely with your team to assist with the following human resource needs:

  • Position your Company to attract the best talent.
  • Provide in-house recruiting functionality to supplement your current activities and offer significant savings.
  • Understand your culture and work closely with you to identify the best candidates that will thrive in your environment.
  • Build an in-house internship program with key universities.
  • Advise on the best leadership and HR policies and practices.
  • Maintain and build a talent library of best candidates. And we are currently in the process of developing a proprietary talent management tracking system.

Lead Generation

We will be working with our portfolio to help advise on some of the best go-to market strategies including branding, lead generation, online tracking systems with a key focus on customer acquisition costs, reporting and analytics.

We are in the process of building this practice and expect to provide resources including in-house expertise and seminars to assist with this key element to success.