Klass Team

Daniel Klass, Managing Partner
Jared Tessis, Director of Talent
Kevin Climans, Analyst

Klass Software

Will Anderson, CEO Klass Software, Klass Capital
Adrian Schauer, Advisor Klass Software, Klass Capital

Fund Advisors

Jason Chapnik, Fund Advisor
Elizabeth Loach, Fund Advisor

Portfolio Partners

Paul Jackson, Founder and CEO, Method
Jason Atkins, Founder and CEO, 360 Incentives
Don Mal, CEO and SVP Sales, Vena
Dan Matlow, CEO, Medworxx
Jason Tham, Founder and CEO, Nulogy
Joel Lessem, CEO, Firmex
Olivier Centner, Founder, Digital Menubox
Matthew Corrin, Founder and CEO, Freshii
Jeff Lawrence, Founder and CEO, Granify